Prom Considered a Success


Laura Millar

Junior Morgan Richter and senior Eduardo SIcilia-Ayala enjoy their moment at Promenade.

Teresa Hutchinson, Contributor

Prom was hosted at Bella Terra Reception Hall and Vineyard on May 4, 2019. The numerous students who attended this year’s prom paid $30 for the dance tickets  and $35 for After Prom tickets.

While prom preparations can be stressful that was not evident this year.

“The only thing I found stressful was trying to organize all of the people I was going with,” said senior Raven Brunner. “People would change their minds around four times which was aggravating; however that is all the stress I felt.”

Prom preparation can also be expensive and time consuming, with dresses costing more than $300 and shoes averaging around $50. Girls spent anywhere from and hour to several hours preparing. Boys also spent quite a bit of money paying nearly $300 for suits or tux rentals alone. It should also be noted that most of the men did not spend nearly as much time as the ladies did.

However, this year prom dresses were also available for free through Project Prom Dress.

“Personally, my favorite part was the party bus we arrived in, it was an amazing memorable experience and seeing all my friends dressed up,” said junior Jackie Postlewaite.

After prom was an entertaining experience for the seniors and juniors with a plethora of food and beverages to choose from and even a mechanical bull. Many people participated in the gambling games and mini golf; however, the hypnotist had a terrible accident on stage with a student in a trance.

Principal Richard Hutchinson was impressed by this year’s attendance and behavior.

“I was happy to see prom pulled out some of the people who don’t usually go to after school activities,” said Hutchinson.