Students Recognized at Fine Arts Night


Senior Abby Lorimor receiving the Overall Fine Arts award.

Lillian Becker, Feature Editor

Fine Art students accomplishments were recognized at Fine Arts Night, which took place May 7. Senior Abby Lorimor received the highest honor of the night earning the overall fine arts award. Students involved in band, choir, speech and art were given awards for their hard work this year.

The band program awarded seniors Henry Gray, Nick Bahr and sophomore Vivianne Payne. Bahr and Payne each performed their solos at Fine Arts Night which earned a perfect score at the solo ensemble competition that took place a couple weeks ago.

The choir program awarded seniors Megan McFarlin, Morgan LaViolette and Allee Rounds on Fine Arts Night. The show choir award went to McFarlin, the jazz choir award went to LaViolette and the overall choir award went to Rounds.

“The speech program gave participation awards to anyone who made it to the state competition, meaning they had to receive a Division 1 rating at Districts,” said speech instructor Lori Burton.  

The Outstanding Individual Speech Performer Award went to senior Michelle Arnold. Arnold performed her All State Speech in the category of After Dinner Speaking titled ‘Thespian Intervention’ at Fine Arts Night.

Senior Gable Thompson won the drama award this year. Thompson was also a part of the short film called ‘Hall Pass’ which made it to All-State. Thompson and his team consisting of juniors Adam Clayton, Sam Lampman, Cody Lampman, Tanner Williams, Jackson Finnegan, Curtis Pestel and sophomore Gordon Tuomikoski were recognized for their accomplishment.  

The Art Department also participated in Fine Arts Night giving many students awards.

Art Instructor Jeff Yoachim awarded senior Olivia Bumann, juniors Talia Kindt and Tanner Williams, and sophomore Madeline Becker with Outstanding Achievement awards in the Fine Arts.

After receiving my award I felt accomplished, proud, sense of belonging and the idea that I can do anything,” said Williams. “Fine Arts has affected me by allowing me to have a way to hang around others that I enjoy and a way to escape this world and even create a new one of my own.”

Other art awards given at Fine Arts Night were given to junior Sami Parr who received the Visual Artist of the Year award, senior Sydney Biermann who was awarded NC Wyeth award, junior Hannah Wells who was awarded the Michelangelo award, junior Maggie Russman who was awarded the Leonardo Da Vinci award, junior Taylor Akers who was awarded the Monet award and sophomore Ethan Wyatt who was awarded the Kent Bellows award.