Pet Sematary Review


Jeff Buhler/Parallactic Pictures

Teresa Hutchinson, Contributor

Pet Sematary (2019) is a spellbinding movie based on Stephen King’s horror novel. Co-directors, Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolish, made a proportional balance of the book, the previous movies and new materials.

The main character, Dr. Louis Creed, moves his family from Boston to Ludlow, Maine to escape the emotional traumas of the ER to the safe life as a campus doctor. On arrival, however, they discover their new found home has a forest for a backyard and is located extremely close to a highway.

When Creed’s daughter’s cat is run over on the highway, the neighbor, Jud, suggests to Creed bury it in the pet cemetery, however brings Creed past the barrier of the burial ground to the top of a small mountain to bury the cat. The next day, the once beloved cat that treated everyone kindly was back. The plot thickens from there.

The movie provided the audience with many jump scares and suspenseful moments keeping them intrigued. There are multiple poignant moments that really pulled on the heart strings.

However, with so much suspense the audience find moments in which they just want something to happen, not just for the plot line, but for a scare. When the movie came across a scare it was exceptionally scary, but they were few and far between for complete satisfaction.

The newest remake adds many twists to the original story that makes the film refreshing and interesting while keeping the audience engaged and on the edge of their seat. I give this film a three and a half stars.