FCCLA Students Head to Nationals


FCCLA members Elizabeth Clark and Presley Turner made it to Nationals with a gold rating as did five other events.

Gable Thompson, Entertainment Editor

Eight FCCLA students qualified for Nationals and six are heading for the FCCLA Nationals in Anaheim, CA for seven days.  

“Members put in many hours planning and working with others and then many more hours making a visual–display or portfolio–for their event,” said FCCLA advisor Janis Moore.

FCCLA gives students opportunities to make presentations called STAR Events. STAR stands for Students Taking on Action with Recognition. These events usually have a topic that a student group focuses on. These events help students develop career and public speaking skills.

“This year my STAR event group focused on our blanket drive for child cancer patients that we held at the high school, but we were assisted by the community and local businesses,” said sophomore Bree Severn. “We put in a lot of time getting the drive started, carrying out the drive and making the STAR event the best it could be.”

Many of the students are excited for this trip to Nationals. FCCLA Students will have to fundraise 1,400 dollars on their own in order to pay for this trip.

“Nationals is the best experience I have had in FCCLA,” said Severn. “Getting to meet new people, perfecting my public speaking skills and now being able to represent Iowa through the State Executive Council will be week I will never forget.”

The students advancing to nationals include seniors Haille Franzen, Shay Wasenius, and Jamie Poole; juniors Ashley Johnson, Ranni Leahy, Jaeda Wilson, and Maggie Russman; sophomores Vivianne Payne, Maggie Begbie, Bree Severn, Cheyanne Groom, and Zoe Mattox; and freshman Molly Killion, Ady Oetter, Audrey Zielstra, Elizabeth Clark, and Presley Turner.