School Year Shortened

Lillian Becker, Feature Editor

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The last day of school will now be May 31 shaving four school days from the previous scheduled last day of June 6. Superintendent Devin Embray met with the Board of Education this past week to make this decision. The Board of Education is composed of President Curt Becker, Vice President Theresa Romens, and Director Ann Staiert. Absent at the meeting were Directors Greg Schultz and Michelle Bahr.

“It is a local decision once the district has met the requirements for the State,” said Embray. “At the Board of Education’s special work session, the Board heard a proposal regarding the need for professional development for elementary staff for the last two days of school.  Due to the purchase of new resources at the K-5 level, there is a need for training for these materials by the vendor that will take place June 3 and 4. So by removing the early out Wednesdays in May, the Board of Education was able to consider the additional two days (June 3 and 4) for faculty to have the training.”

Embray and the Board of Education believe this change is in the best interest of students and teacher.

“Those students who have not met the outcomes will be required to come to school on June 3 and June 4 to finish outcomes,” said Embray.

Teachers last day will be June 6.