Students Not Speaking Today. Here’s Why.

Students Not Speaking Today. Here's Why.

Felix Cooper, Editor

Students around GCHS may notice that some of their peers will not be talking at all today. These silent students may have stickers, cards, or other indication on their shirts or persons to explain why, but they all have one uniting cause: These students are taking a vow of silence to highlight the effect of erasure and silencing of LGBT in schools.

Glenwood High School’s 14+ members of SPECTRUM, the club that focuses on recognizing and helping LGBT communities inside Glenwood Schools, planned weeks ahead for this day by ordering special stickers, notecards, and utilizing emails or letter templates from the GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) website to explain the situation to teachers and peers.  Anonymous SPECTRUM members say that the vow ‘is an effort in solidarity with those both in our schools and outside our schools who may be the victims of LGBT silencing and abuse.’