Public Library Supports Art Community

Felix Cooper, Contributor

The Glenwood Public Library opened its doors last week to the many artists of GCHS. The library opened April 1 with art pieces sitting atop bookshelves spread all over the library. These pieces range from sculptures and paintings to paper mache and pencil sketches.

The Glenwood Public Library is no stranger to community artists, as this is just one of many annual showcases it hosts. Both middle school and high school students had art on display for two weeks.

The exhibition ended on April 13.

“I feel the art show was a great success,”  said Art instructor Jeff Yoachim. “We had a lot of participation in the middle school and the high school.”

Yoachim mentioned his appreciation for all community members and students who came to the library to view artwork.

The following students had art shown at the library:

Freshman Ty Jacob; sophomores Lucas Schoening, Rae Kennedy Madeline Becker, Tia Kindt, Daphne Goetzinger; juniors Sami Parr, Curtis Pestel, Taylor Akers, Maggie Russman, Kylyn Anderson, Alexander Nusser, Raven Brunner, Bella Schoening, Tanner Williams; and seniors Ursula Ziebolz, Madison Gregg, Hanna Wells, and Olivia Bumann.