Battle of the Books Advances to Finals

One of the books read by Battle of the Books members.

One of the books read by Battle of the Books members.

Lillian Becker, Feature Editor

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The Battle of the Books team finished in eleventh place out of 55 teams, which advances them to finals. Members of this team are juniors Grace Latimer and Isaac Morrison; and freshmen Anna Morrison and Margo Pitzl. Librarian Karen Barrett is in her eighth year of coaching the Battle of the Books Teams.

“I love my book team this year,” said Barrett. “They have so much dedication, they work so hard, they are funny and very whimsical. What I enjoy most about coaching is the kids, they make the experience special.”

The team meets every Tuesday between 3:30 and 4:15p.m., but much of the work is done by the students themselves.

Junior Isaac Morrison has always had a passion for reading. “I’ve been in Battle of the Books since elementary school, and I’ve always enjoyed how it allowed me to find a variety of cool books and actually do something with them,” said Morrison. “This year my favorite book was “Arena” by Holly Jennings.”

There are two phases to the Battle of the Books competition. The first phase consists of an online test. The test has 28 author questions and 28 books questions. Students are given the name of the book and have to write down the author’s name that corresponds to the book and spell the author’s name correctly. The second part of the questions are about book content and each book gets its own question. Since there are four students on the team, students are responsible for seven of the books.

On April 24, the Battle of the Books team will travel to Marshalltown and will engage in a face to face battle against teams from other schools.