Clean Water Coming Soon; Embray’s Second Updated Announcement 4/3

Isabella Milone, News Editor

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Here is the second announcement Superintendent Embray sent out yesterday:

I apologize for two updates in one day, however, the news this morning was too good to wait until this afternoon to share.  I sent it out prior to getting the official print update, so I missed the additional shout outs to Ben Lundstrom, Andy Young, Jensen well and HOA Solutions.  We all thank you for your added service to getting our water back on line.  DNR has taken initial samples of the well and those should be back sometime tomorrow.  We will still be trucking tankers into Glenwood through the rest of today and the plan is to move over to the well once the samples come back and are testing good.  We also want to give a shout out to Jesse Sobbing and Sobbing Enterprises LLC., for being with us from the beginning trucking in water.  We are still on a BOIL ONLY ORDER.  The DNR will be sending out protocol procedures for all home owners as well as having face to face informational sessions in Glenwood once the plant is on line and cleared for home owners to clear their home lines.  Once I receive that information, I will forward that to you.  Please share that information if possible.

The school will be working with GMU and the DNR to move off of the porta potties as soon as we can.  However, it could still be several days before we are allowed back on the system for flushing.  Hang in there!!

The Free Flood store is now in their third day on the GRC campus.  They have the following needs:  windex, white vinegar, bug spray, waterproof work gloves, coverall type clothing, sheets, trash cans, garage brooms, new socks and underwear all sizes, full size lotion, bandaids, Bath towels (new and used), shelf stable milk, gas cards, totes, squeegees, Laundry baskets, paper kitchen supplies, towels, microwaves, crock pots, and toasters.  There are probably more items than these that are needed, and the needs are changing daily.  If you can assist, that would be great.  Items that the store is currently at capacity and are NOT needed at this time include: clothing, bottled water, hygiene products, bleach, toilet paper, paper towels. We also they do not have a way to store furniture, Glenwood Buzz seems to be the best way to share furniture people are donating with those looking for furniture.  The store hours are 11-6 daily, Monday through Saturday.  Contact Kori at 402-960-2465 with questions.

Again, plans are being drafted to help with the flooded areas and bringing back our town of Pacific Junction and all of our displaced families.  Please consider volunteering for that work once the plans are released and sign ups come out.  I will share that information once I get it.  FEMA information and SBA information are located on the GRC campus with the Free Flood Store.

Based on the current state of affairs for the water situation, the Glenwood CSD is at capacity and no longer in need of water.  We are working on a plan to help others with their water needs.  We are aware that Hamburg is still without a water treatment plant, yet still has an adequate supply.  If you have a need for water, please let us know.

Some interesting information from the USACE offices.  The March 2019 runoff in the upper Missouri River Basin above Sioux City, was a record 11.0 million acre feet, surpassing the previous record of 7.3 million acre feet set in 1952.  The average March upper basin runoff is 2.9 Million acre feet.