Superintendent Embray Announcement 4/2

Isabella Milone, News Editor

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The latest update sent to parents and staff from Superintendent Embray:

Over the past two days, there has been a whirlwind of activity.  The emergency well that was drilled at Lake Ohana gave us some bad news when it was discovered that the well casing had cracked not allowing the well to be grouted properly.  At that time, the GMU decided there best bet was to get into the plant regardless of the water levels and start working on it, prior to the levee being built around it.  They boated a new motor for one of their wells out to the well head while they continued to pump water out of the facility.  Once the water was out, they started working yesterday into the night and by 3 AM this morning had one well up and running.  This is GREAT news!  They are now working on getting their treatments on line for the water.  I am being told that we still need to conserve and we are still on a BOIL ONLY order.  The plan will be to fill our towers with this one well.  If we continue to conserve during this part, the towers will fill faster.  The DNR will be testing the water as they get their treatments back on line for the water.  Once DNR approves the treatments, the GMU will then need to completely flush the towers in order to get the drinkable water back into the system.  This means that every fire hydrant will be flushed once the towers are full.  Our countdown has started!!  GMU estimates that if DNR gives the green light on initial testing and treatment testing that it will take 7-10 days of flushing to get the water back on line.  The school system will be following a protocol for flushing our system and DNR will be on site to test our facilities.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  We now need to get the levee built around the plant to ensure we keep it online.