Superintendent Embray Second Announcement of 4/1

Isabella Milone, News Editor

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The newest updated announcement from Superintendent Embray:

Today marks our first day of standardized state assessments in grades 3-11.  As we toured the buildings this morning it appeared that the online testing is working.  This is probably not that exciting of news to hear, however for a lot of us, this was HUGE.  We plan on testing throughout this week and doing makeups next week.

The Free Flood Store is no longer at the Auxiliary Gym at the High School.  It has moved to the GRC campus into the Meyers building or better known as the old middle school building.  The store hours are 11 Am to 6 PM.  If you have something you would like to donate, please contact Kori at 402-960-2465.  Kori is looking for volunteers to help operate the store.  If you are interested in doing that, please click HERE to sign up.  All donations of food, clothing, household supplies, cleaning supplies and other items can be directed to the old middle school on the GRC campus.

We ran into a snag with the new well.  They are investigating it right now.  There may be a crack or split in the casing of the well.  While it tested good and was flow testing in the range of 200 gpm, it was noticed during the grouting that there may be a problem.  It is currently being investigated at this time.  I will know more later.  This means that we will continue to tanker truck until the plant is back on line or we can find another well that will work for an infusion.  Please remember, that the well was only to reduce the strain on the tankers or stop trucking all together.  Not having the well just means we have to continue to truck in water.

The good news is the water plant is seeing more activity.  The GMU is working hard inside the plant and have permission to get electricity back to it.  They have not yet started to turn wrenches, however, it is looking like that will happen pretty soon.   I hope to be able to give the community the countdown date this week!  The levee around the plant to protect it from future flooding this year is going through the process of bidding.  They hope to award a bid to a contractor on Wednesday.  When that work will start is yet to be determined, but we hope it is sooner than later as the spring flooding is right around the corner.

The city of Pacific Junction is currently working on getting their in town pumps up and running.  At last word, the electrical cabinets are approximately 16 inches underwater.  The pumping south of Pacific Junction is still continuing.  

The more we can do to conserve the better.  Please continue to do so.  At latest report, the high zone was dropping around 4% per day.  That is the zone that I drew on the maps in prior communications.  Please refer to that.  This zone needs to try and conserve more right now.  So for now, IF the new well goes online and is infused, I am told there will be no new order issued, rather the high zone will STAY on a BOIL ONLY ORDER, as the rest of Glenwood.

We are still working on a possible solution for our Food Service Department concerning the washing of the dishes.  We have the Department of Inspections and Appeals as well as the DNR working with us to problem solve a solution that will allow us to us our dishwashers for washing of food prep dishes as well as all of the hand utensils so we are not dropping 1500+ plastic forks into the dump daily.  More on that later.

Again, please try to conserve until we can get the water plant back online.

The next portion of this announcement is from Sarah from RAMILY Matters:


I wanted to share out that our April 9th Ramily Matters is “Understanding Trauma and Building Resilience”  At a time when our community is experiencing the trauma that goes along with such an incredible natural disaster, we would like to invite you to come hear our friends from Green Hills AEA speak to us about what trauma is, how to overcome the negative impacts of trauma (RESILIENCE), and finally, how to focus on taking care of ourselves.  As always, we will have our FREE book carts available so all students can take books home with them and we will offer a FREE dinner.

West Elementary (dinner in cafeteria, activity in the auditorium) Dinner starts at 5:30 with activities to follow.  We will be done no later than 7:30pm Please RSVP by, April 5th so we can plan enough food for all in attendance–we will close dinner reservations at the end of the day on Friday.  Call or text 712-527-0089 or e-mail [email protected] with your RSVP.   ALSO, please stop in to the West Scholastic BOGO Book Fair in the library that evening from 5-8 pm!!