Superintendent Embray Announcement 3/29

Isabella Milone, News Editor

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An updated announcement from Superintendant Devin Embray:

What a whirlwind day.  Conferences are happening at 6th grade through 12th grade until 8 PM.  If you can make it out to them, that would be a great thing.  We are down to about a dozen families that were displaced that we have not been able to get in touch with.  Our quest to get our dishwashers back online was a bust.  We will continue on with our current plan and monitor it closely to ensure both our food prep, equipment, and staff are still able to make it work.  We only have approx. 49 days of school left and we are hoping that the water plant is up and running way sooner than that.  If you are donating water, please note the change of contact, please contact Frank at 527-9034 ext. 7000.  Also, remember that the water stations for the City of Glenwood are behind the Glenwood State Bank in their lower parking lot.  See prior post on hours of operation.  The main message here is whether or not you were flooded out or not, please do not go buy a case of water.  Stop by and pick one or two up.

Speaking of the water plant, they are continuing to dewater the Pacific Junction town and area north and east of the railroad tracks.  The USACE folks were down this morning to survey the plant and determine the best route to take in creating a levee to protect the plant once they get the water off the site.  They have not started any work on the plant at this time, however, they will most likely be working hand in hand with the levee and the plant inside equipment at the same time.

The initial plans for clean up are being processed for the Pacific Junction area.  It will take a lot of work and a lot of volunteers.  Please remember that we are going to need a lot of help to bring Pacific Junction back.  When the plans are finalized and the call for help comes out, please consider being a part of this great opportunity.

The well casing was reinserted overnight and today they were putting in the pump.  Initial flow testing and washing of the well will hopefully happen today.  DNR is on site ready to take samples.  It will take approximately three days to get results.  If the time it takes to get the results coordinate with the time it takes to infuse the well into the system, the no contact no consume order may not have to happen.  It would stay boil only.  This is some pretty good news.  Hats off to Council Bluffs Well Drilling aka Seth and the gang for staying to get the well online.

Please remember about the meeting for farmers tomorrow at the Lakin Community Center at 1:30 PM in Malvern.  Senator Grassley, Undersecretary Northey and Ag secretary Naig will be on hand to answer questions.

Again, If you own a business that has been flooded please contact Rachel Reis at 402-637-5072 or email at [email protected]. The Chamber is working with the county to give access to your property to assess the damage.

Glenwood Resource Center has graciously opened a beautiful, comfortable new space to enjoy long term, for all those that are displaced by the floods.  It is the former Middle School for Glenwood CSD on the GRC campus.  The GRC gym and adjoining space will be used for all services currently going on across the town of Glenwood.

This means services will combine all the efforts that are currently going on across the Glenwood Area. Starting Sunday, they will be offering three meals a day, a shopping space for supplies and nonperishable food and clothing.  They will have a resource hub that will include FEMA, Small Business Administration, as well as mental health professionals. There will also be the use of computers and a charging station.  There will be space to play card games, talk with friends and loved ones and even watch movies. Their goal with this move is to make everything easier to get to, but also provide a place to build community.  The YMCA will miss seeing everyone on a daily basis and hope that you’ll return and use the workout and wellness facilities including the swimming pool!

For more information please contact the Flood Relief Hotline (712)520-4000.  The formal address of the GRC space is 111 Lacey Street, Glenwood, IA 51534, they will have signs along the way to guide you.

The free flood store is still operating out of the Auxiliary Gym at the High School through Saturday.  Hours tomorrow (Friday) are 8-5 and 10-2 on Saturday.  They will be closed on Sunday to move to the new GRC location and will reopen on Monday with new hours.  If you are interested in helping make the move to the GRC please contact Kori at 402-960-246.

In addition to the mental health professionals on the GRC campus, I wanted to share some resources that were given to me by our own Sarah Rozniecki.  Losing everything one owns is a very traumatic event.  The grief cycle sets in.  It is nice to know there are folks that can help with the coping of the losses and getting the mindset back to growth and opportunity.  If you need someone, please reach out to our counselors, those listed below or health professionals that will be on site at the GRC complex next week. 

Please take some time to go to “Mills County Emergency Management Agency” on Facebook to see the latest information on the flooding and to see the latest pictures of the current state of affairs.

Also, there is more detailed information from EMS that can be found here.  It includes rumor alert, road openings, contact information for services, and much more.  I didn’t want to repeat all of that information.