March Madness Getting Ready to Rumble


Robin Hundt

Principal Richard Hutchinson was pied in the face by Brenden Godbout at the Pep Rally.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Contributor

Glenwood’s iconic March Madness game begins tonight, where seniors will battle it out in games of basketball against their teachers.

For those who don’t know, seniors form groups with unique sometimes silly uniform themes, like “The Office” or stereotypical dads in jean shorts and socks and sandals. Then each group goes head to head against teachers on the court in time intervals of five minutes.

“The event is a basketball game with some fun performances by our cheer and dance teams.  The teams recruit boys to do routines with them and they are very entertaining,” said Student Council Advisor Alex Williams.

Free will donations are being used to benefit those affected by the flood, which is different than in previous years.

“We are accepting free will donations of money and items to help flood relief victims at the door instead of just charging admission,” said Williams. “The student council members were really excited about the opportunity to do do this and they have been trying their best to promote the event so we can maximize our positive impact on those affected by the flood.”

The school had their March Madness pep rally today, featuring all classes competing against each other in different events like makeup and basketball. The jazz band and show choir also performed, then the senior teams showed off their outfits for tonight’s basketball game.