Superintendent Embray Announcement 3/28

Isabella Milone, News Editor

Another updated message from Superintendent Devin Embray:

Today went well.  We are in the process of preparing for our annual state assessment that will begin next week.  Students have been taking practice tests and getting used to the new online method of testing.  With all of the flooding, we are still feeling pretty good about being ready and hope our students are rested and ready as well considering the current state of affairs!

Donations are still coming in and we are so grateful for that.  Please continue to coordinate water deliveries with Nicole at Transportation 527-9034 ext. 7001.  We feel right now we are going to make it to the end of the school year if need be with the water we have in storage.  Disinfectant wipes are the next item on the list for the school.  We have a good supply right now but may need more supplies closer to the end of the month of April.  We are currently working with the DNR and GMU on a possible solution so we can start using our dishwashing units in our kitchens to alleviate the hand washing that we are currently doing.  Hopefully, in the next day or so, we will be able to implement the solution.  If that happens we will still serve with foam or paper (we are going to be ordering some paper) but use our steel utensils of forks and spoons and be able to wash them along with the food prep dishes.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.  More later on that.

Effective today at NOON the water distribution center has been moved to Locust St. in the lot behind Glenwood state bank.  This will include the 900-gallon tanker that MUD has donated to us as well as cases of bottled water that will be sourced from Al Hughes building.  This site will be open from 12 NOON to 7 PM daily.  Laurie Smithers is staffing volunteers and MUD has two individuals on site at all times.  The water will be moved back to the auction building each night to restock and store and return the next day.  People need to plan as we are out of crisis having secured and placed resources and should now move to a sustainability mode.  This water is for everyone that has been affected by the flood, whether your residence got wet or not.  If you need a case of bottled water, please don’t go buy it, come and get a case.  Especially those that could be affected by the high zone no contact no consumption order (should that actually happen)

The YMCA is still open and providing three meals and day in addition to providing food and paper products along with other goods.  Please come and get a meal as well as some things to keep you until the next day.  The Free Store is still open and operating out of the Auxiliary Gym at the high school with the current hours.  Please park in the back of the high school and access the gym from the back of the school.

The well had a small setback last night.  With only 120 feet of casing left of a total of 360 feet, the well collapsed and all of the casing had to be pulled.  They started re-drilling the well to ream the sides out and will hopefully place the new casing in sometime tomorrow.  The 40 feet of screen survived and is in great condition.  Thoughts and prayers for that operation are gladly accepted.  The tanker trucking is still going on in the meantime.  In speaking with the GMU, there is an outside chance that the amount of time it takes to get the sample results from the well and the amount of time it will take to connect the well, the no contact no consumption order may not be necessary.  This will all be a timing issue.  However, if you are affected by this on the High Zone (refer to earlier posts that had the maps) you will know at least one day in advance with door to door notification.

They continue to dewater Pacific Junction.  At last count, there were over 11 pumps pumping.  I was told it is decreasing the amount of water on the north side of the tracks by 14-18 inches daily.  They hope to get in and around the water plant to secure it with a levee as soon as possible.  Once they start turning wrenches in the facility we start our countdown of 30 days.

Attention farmers farming the bottom ground.  There will be a meeting this Friday with Senator Grassley, Undersecretary Northey and Ag Secretary Naig at the Lakin Community Center in Malvern at 1:30 PM.

If you own a business that has been flooded please contact Rachel Reis at 402-637-5072 or email at [email protected]. The Chamber is working with the county to give access to your property to assess the damage.

Continue to conserve, come pick up a case of water for your house and consider volunteering at the YMCA site!  Go Rams!