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Boil Order Still in Effect

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Boil Order Still in Effect

Water bottles being recycled at Glenwood High School

Water bottles being recycled at Glenwood High School

Water bottles being recycled at Glenwood High School

Water bottles being recycled at Glenwood High School

Lillian Becker, Feature Editor

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A boil order has been issued by Glenwood Municipal Utilities to all citizens of Glenwood. This order began on March 19 and is still in effect. Water needs to be boiled prior to any type of consumption including drinking, ice, teeth brushing and washing dishes. Conservation of water is still encouraged. Water is safe for bathing and other household activities, and drinking water is available for free and can be picked up at the Glenwood City Hall or at the Mills County YMCA.

Boiling water is necessary to kill bacteria and other organisms in the water that are harmful to the human body. To make water safe, citizens are advised to use bottled water or bring all tap water to a boil for a minute. Water should be stored in clean plastic containers and water coolers with tight fitting screws.

Showers and baths with tap water are okay as long as no water is swallowed. It is recommended that young children are given a sponge bath with bottle water. People with open wounds should avoid showering or bathing in the tap water.

When washing dishes and utensils, bottled water or water that has been boiled should be used. It is also recommended that when washing hands people should use bottled water or boiled tap water.

Residents of Glenwood are asked to continue reducing their water usage by 50 percent. The water use is increasing and everyone needs to reduce the usage. Running dishwasher and laundry machines should be refrained from using to conserve the water used for bathing and using the toilet.

Many citizens of Glenwood worry about their pets as well. Pets are normally not affected by the same diseases as humans. However, caution would suggest to give pets bottled water or boiled water.

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