Snow Days Will Not Be Forgiven

Ryan Schnurr, Contributor

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This year’s winter has been harsh, harsh enough to cause school cancellations to be plenty and often. Thus far, the district has tallied eight snow day cancellations. As of the publishing date of this article, the final of day of school will be June 6, instead of the originally planned date of May 27.

Last year, Mills county received under two feet of snow in the entire winter season. During this winter season, Glenwood has been pounded by between four to six feet of snow.

¨We all want students and staff to be safe in the event of severe weather and bad road conditions.” said assistant principal Rick Nickerson. “It does disrupt learning and the flow of routines but, we live in the midwest and should expect that most years.”

No, these snow days are not going to just go away, they will be made up. The governor cannot pardon these dates, as people have said. The Iowa House of Representatives did introduce a bill to limit the number of days or hours legally required to be made up. However, the bill never made it to vote after the “education committee” rejected it.

¨School is important and having them cut days off of our calendar does not really make sense,” Nickerson continued. “I think it sends a message that school is not important or can be condensed. Teachers always want to maximize the time they have with students. We will make up all our days and everything will work out.”

The reality is, every student, from first grade to eleventh, will have to sit in school while the sun shines and the temperature rises, but the districts elder statesmen, the seniors will not as they get out May 17.

¨Snows cold and it makes hard to drive places,” said junior Logan Eichelberger “I liked the snow days at first, but now we have had too many.”