Opinion: Abolish Daylight Saving Time


Gordon Tuomikoski, Contributor

For 101 years, Americans have set their clocks back every March, to the dismay of many. On March 19, 1918 the United States enacted the Daylight Saving bill to preserve electricity during WWI to better the war effort, but without an ongoing war now, there is no need for Daylight Saving Time.

Some think it’s logical to preserve sunlight in the day. Sure, maybe a century ago, but we live in the age of artificial lighting, with plenty of lights to light the night. We can live through a dark evening. Now mornings are shadowed in darkness in favor of a light evening, which makes waking up in the morning even more difficult. According to Britishcouncil.org, natural lighting is the healthiest way to wake up in the morning.

Some think Daylight Saving Time was implemented to help farmers, but this is far from the truth. According to Washington Post, for decades farmers were very against DST because they lost an hour of morning light and had to rush to get their crops to market. Dairy farmers were also against Daylight Saving Time as cows adjust to time shifts badly. Many are still opposed to it today.

Daylight Saving Time just makes everyone dazed in the mornings for a week, and according to CNBC, it’s really counterproductive and lowers work efficiency, myself included.