Reach/SADD Members Read to Elementary Students


Some of the 40 Reach/SADD members that participated in Read Across America. Photo by Kathleen Loeffelbein.

Isabella Milone, News Editor

To celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Reach/SADD high school members traveled to the Northeast Elementary to read to the students.

“The goal the Reach/SADD students had was to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with the students from Northeast Elementary and spreading the love of reading,” said Guidance Counselor Kathleen Loeffelbein.  “After reading to the group, the Reach/SADD students lead the elementary students in making a pledge to read.”

The elementary kids enjoyed listening to the Reach/SADD students read to them.

“The kids absolutely loved their time listening to the boys read. We were sitting on the floor around them. All eyes were focused on our guest readers,” said Second Grade Instructor Shari Gregory. “The Reach/SADD members were excellent readers, modeling fluent reading, reading with expression and sharing the joy and laughter of books and illustrations with my students.”

The elementary students prepared to celebrate Read Across America by doing fun activities such as dress up days and lessons on Dr. Seuss.

“We celebrated the week with special dress up days such as cozy clothing day, mismatched day, inside out day, and hat day,” said Gregory. “We learned about Dr. Seuss as a person and as a writer. We read his books by ourselves, with a pal, as well as in large group.” The 40 Reach/SADD students traveled to 28 classrooms, from preschool to second grade.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our high school students to serve as leaders and role models to the elementary students,” said Loeffelbein.