No Candy Hearts this Valentine’s Day


Necco was an iconic American candy company known for Sweethearts and Necco Wafers.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Contributor

For the first time since 1901, the famous Valentine’s Day Sweethearts candy aren’t running off the production line because the American candy icon Necco declared bankruptcy in July 2018.

Founded in 1901, Necco was known for its Valentine’s Day Sweethearts candy, porducing over 8 billion hearts  every year. They also produced iconic Necco Wafers, flat chalky spheres with light flavors, Banana Split Chews and Squirrel Nut Caramels.

Because of the public panic and outrage, people have been hoarding and stocking up on the Sweethearts candy, and some even making their own.

Despite their absence, many students didn’t like the candy hearts, and they were relatively unpopular.

“I don’t think they should sell edible sidewalk chalk,” said Junior Kathryn Gunderson.

However, for those who miss these candy hearts, production will be taken over by Spangler Candy Company, and is expected to be resumed for the 2020 season.