Short Film Makes it to All-State


Adam Clayton

Senior Gable Thompson plays the role of Mr. Todd, a terminator-like teacher chasing students with no pass.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Contributor

The short film “Hall Pass” was selected to perform at all-state after large group speech teams participated in the state competition on February 2 at Valley High School in West Des Moines.

One musical theater, one sophomore improv, one one-act play, and two short films received Division I ratings, with the short, “Hall Pass” being selected for all-state.

Junior Adam Clayton was the director of “Hall Pass,” a satirical short film about a teacher chasing students with no hall passes and giving them detentions. The team featured senior Gable Thompson; juniors: Ethan Bosch, Cody Lampman, Sam Lampman, Tanner Williams Curtis Pestel, Henry Jacob, Jackson Finnegan, Adam Clayton, Gavin Arbogast; and sophomore Gordon Tuomikoski. The film received a Division 1 rating at state and was selected to go onto all-state.

“This short film took a little over a month to make. I wrote it in late November and began filming in late December. We finished filming early in January and I finished editing a day after we finished filming,” said Clayton. “At first I was a little nervous about this short film. Every year I worry that I’m not meeting the expectations set by the previous year’s short film. However when the film was first shown to people, I was relieved that the audience was reacting so positively to it. I knew we had created something that had met our standards.”

Senior Gable Thompson plays the lead role of Mr. Todd, the teacher chasing students with no hall passes. He spoke about the effort of getting to all-state.

“Getting to all-state is a hard achievement. Even if you get three division one ratings from the judges, you’ll only move on to all-state if you get a nomination from at least two of the three judges,” said Thompson. “The judges won’t nominate you unless they personally believe that your group is of highest quality.”

Categories at the state competition included musical theater, improv, short films, readers theater, one act play, and choral theater.

Freshman Margo Pitzl was a member of the improv group that went to state, an impressing feat as freshman teams don’t typically make it to the state competition. Their unique prompt was ‘Someone who has bad breath but you don’t know how to tell them.’ They received Division 2 ratings.

“My favorite thing about improv is the storytelling aspect because I love books and writing.” said Pitzl. “It was the main reason I did improv.”

The all-state competition will be on February 16 at Iowa State University.