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Students in Individual Speech Prepare for Districts

Gable Thompson, Entertainment Editor

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Students in Individual Speech are preparing for district competition on February 23 and the state competition on March 9. Individual Speech is coached by Instructors Mackenzie West and Lori Burton.

“Individual Speech is where you stand up in front of a panel of judges and give a speech,” said West. “There are multiple categories students can choose from. Students can choose to write their own speeches or give a speech from a famous person. Students can also read poetry, tell stories or even sing in front of the judges.”

Students in speech usually meet with either West or Burton, once a week to work on their performances but are encouraged to practice on their own as often as they can.

“It’s good to practice everyday,” said senior Cheyenne Fisher. “But I know people are really busy. I would say 3-5 times a week is pretty sufficient.”

There are currently 18 students participating in individual speech. This activity is a great way for students to practice public speaking and performance arts.

“I participate in speech because it teaches me how to present myself and perform in front of a large group of people,” said junior Jerianne Richardson.

“I am involved in individual speech because it allows me to express myself in a way that many other activities can’t do,” said Fisher. “It’s just you with your audience, performing an entertaining piece and connecting with each other. It’s quite indescribable.”

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