Opinion: Growing Fortnite Addiction Proves to be Major Issue in Today’s Youth


Gregory Topete, Contributor

Since Fortnite’s debut, it has shown how easily susceptible kids are to addiction.  

Fortnite Battle Royale is the PvP(player vs. player), which racked up around 80 million players in August, has taken the world by storm since its launch in 2017. However Fortnite has been causing some problems of addiction with adolescence.

Before we get into the rest of this, let’s talk about how the game works. 100 people parachute into a map with nothing but a pick axe. Guns and loot are scattered around the map for you to find. The goal is to survive/kill until you’re the last player.  

The repetitiveness of the video game is what I believe makes it addicting to vacuous people.  Yes, I know video games are addicting to a good chunk of society but I just don’t understand how people in their mid 20’s, or in high school, can be so interested in a game that looks like it’s meant to entertain kids who still believe in Santa Claus.

I personally have been damaged emotionally from Fortnite addiction among my peers. When my friends talk the gibberish that is Fortnite lingo I always feel so detached from the group. Or whenever my friends are on Xbox they only play Fortnite and never play with me on the clearly superior Skate 3.

Reported instances of Fortnite addiction include a girl in the UK who refused to quit playing the game, and chose to urinate herself instead of taking a break and going to the restroom. Kids have also been caught stealing their parents credit card to buy what Fortnite calls a “battle pass”. A battle pass is something you buy that helps you get more rewards by completing challenges.

It’s not unusual for Glenwood students to lose large amounts of sleep over the video game.  

To add too, “I usually don’t get to bed until 2 am because of Fortnite,” said an anonymous GHS student.

200 UK couples are already citing Fortnite as the reason they are calling it quits in their marriage.

“These numbers equate to roughly 5 percent of the 4,665 petitions we have handled since the beginning of the year and as one of the largest filers of divorce petitions in the UK, is a pretty good indicator,” said Divorce Online.  

Addiction to drugs, alcohol and gambling are usually cited as the reason for a relationship breaking down but with new technology comes new addictions. In June the World Health Organization officially recognized “gaming disorder” as a mental health disease.

So please stop excluding people like me, and stop playing Fortnite.