January Movie Preview

Gable Thompson, Entertainment Editor

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The new year has finally arrived which means it’s time to put the holidays behind us and get out of the house and what better way to do so than to watch some of these six new movies coming out this month.


Escape Room

Sony Pictures’ new movie, “Escape Room” has already been released in theaters. Directed by Adam Robitel, this movie is based off of real life escape rooms, where people are locked in a room together and solve puzzles to get out. In “Escape Room”, six strangers are brought together to participate in an escape room for a chance to win a million dollars, but they soon find out that they are not only playing for money, but for their own lives as well.


A Dog’s Way home

Anyone looking for a feel good movie should see “A Dog’s Way Home,” directed by Charles Martin Smith. Based on the novel of the same name, “A Dog’s Way Home” tells the story of a dog named Bella and the 400 mile journey she took to get back to her owner. “A Dog’s Way Home” will premier in theaters on January 11.



Keanu Reeves stars in a new movie called “Replicas.” Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff, “Replicas” is about a scientist, who is trying to resurrect his family after they died in car accident by creating clones of them. “Replicas will hit theaters January 11.


The Upside

Starring Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston, “The Upside,” directed by Neil Burger, tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a wealthy, paraplegic, man and a parolee hired to be his caretaker. “The Upside” is based off a true story and is also considered to be the remake of a french film released in 2011 called “The Intouchables”. “The Upside” will premiere January 11.



Coming to theaters January 18 is “Glass,” directed by M. Night Shyamalan. “Glass” is the sequel to 2016’s “Split” and 2000’s “Unbreakable”. “Glass” stars Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Glass, a fragile mastermind who escapes a mental institution with the help of a serial killer, played by James McAvoy.


The Kid Who Would be King

Coming to Theaters on January 25 is a new fantasy adventure that takes place in modern day London. Alex is just an average kid, until the day he stumbles upon a sword stuck inside a stone. Afterwards Alex meets the wizard, Merlin, and learns that the sword he found was the legendary blade, Excalibur. Now Alex must assemble both friends and bullies to stop an army of demons from destroying London. “The Kid Who Would be King” was directed by Joe Cornish and promises to be a fun family adventure.

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