PreACT Program in Full Swing for Sophomores

PreACT Program in Full Swing for Sophomores

Gordon Tuomikoski, Contributor

Tenth graders took the PreACT test last week. The test contained an English, reading, math and science section to prepare sophomores for the ACT test they will likely take their junior or senior year.

The test lasted approximately two hours and ten minutes, with each session being thirty minutes.

“The PreACT information is shared with parents and students.” said Associate Principal Rick Nickerson. “The basis of it is to see where a students interests are and what a possible ACT score would be when they take it. It gives a range of expected scores.”

Counselor Kathleen Loeffelbein is the proctor and manager of issuing the PreACT tests.

“Our goal is to help the high school students prepare to take the ACT test which they hopefully might take some day if they choose to go to college.” said Loeffelbein. “The ACT prep lessons will still continue on ACT Fridays in Core classes to ensure this.”

“Schools are allowed to choose which test they give to sophomores, and it is not state mandated. We chose the PreACT based on the information it provides to parents and students,” said Nickerson.

Many wonder what the difference is between the ACT and SAT tests. According to StudyPoint the SAT has no science test, and requires more thinking and longer thought processing per question, while the ACT is more straightforward and takes less time. The SAT tests are typically taken in coastal regions like New York or Los Angeles, and the ACT is issued more inland like the midwest.

PreACT was launched back in May and sophomores will continue to take it every year.