Winter Formal Releases Endorphins


Gable, take a chill pill.

Erin Stanley, Contributor

The winter formal has been the talk of the school for the past couple of weeks, and for good reason. The high school has never had one. Since we have a big homecoming and prom, there is usually no need for a winter formal, but that should change.

First of all, dancing is fun. Scientifically, it releases endorphins, which means that dancing reduces your pain and stress levels. Along with that, the winter formal is a social event. It’s a chance to meet up with friends and have a good time, whether that means going out to dinner or just hanging out before the dance. It’s also a chance to make new friends.

Secondly, a winter formal is something different. It’s not as formal as homecoming or prom, so dressing up is not as complicated. A simple dress or a shirt and tie would do just fine.

A winter formal has also never been experienced by the students currently in the high school. Adding another dance would be a great new experience for the students, especially if it is a different type of dance. The different types of dances suggested include a Ladies Choice dance (the girls ask the guys), and a “Sweetheart” dance.

All in all, school dances are a great way to get a little more dressed up than usual, and have fun with friends. It is not mandatory by any means, so if some students do not like them, they don’t have to attend. But they should be held for the students who do enjoy them.