School Dances Aren’t Fun For Everyone


It's time for me to bring down the hierarchy of school dances.

Gable Thompson, Entertainment Editor

Recently, a survey was sent out to the student body asking whether the school’s winter dance should be formal or informal. An informal dance would mean that the students can show up in their everyday school clothes, while a formal dance would require students to dress up like they do for Homecoming and Prom.

While some students are probably excited for another school dance, I am not. I don’t think having another school dance would be good for the school. Getting ready for dances is already a big pain as well as how much the dance will distract students from school. But I think the biggest issue will be the dance itself.

The problem with school dances is that they are too exclusive. Many kids will not be able to enjoy themselves simply due to the fact that school dances are popularity contests.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dancing, but I don’t love being in a crowded mosh pit, getting elbowed and kneed by other students. The way school dances are set up make it so that some students get excluded from the main dance floor. Not to mention the students who don’t get asked by anyone or the people who don’t get invited into a group.

I know a lot of people enjoy school dances and that’s alright. However, I think there needs to be a major change to school dances to make everyone feel included or at least let everyone have a chance on the dance floor. Right now, it seems that dances are only for “cool kids” like Erin Stanley to enjoy.