Gordon’s List of Ten Words so Gross You’ll Cringe


Gordon Tuomikoski

An Oxford Dictionary

Gordon Tuomikoski, Contributor

What’s up, welcome to my first top ten. Today we’re looking at ten of the most gross, awkward to say, and cringe-worthy words in the English language.


10. Lugubrious – sad, mournful, or dark; The definition isn’t what makes this gross, it’s the word itself. It’s an awkward word to say.


9. Curd, the strange vowel makes it gross to say.


8. Gurgle – sound of a liquid bubbling, often used in relation to the stomach; similar case to


7. Moist – wet or damp; the most infamous of them all, the word itself is just generally gross to say thanks to the “oi” vowels.


6. Maggot – a fly larvae; maggots are disgusting and the word itself has become derogatory with its meaning.


5. Pus – bacteria built up inside a swollen wound, typically a zit; popping zits is gross, and the fact what comes out is called ‘pus’ is even worse.


4. Pustule – a pimple; a fancy grosser word for something already gross. Thanks science.


3. Phlegm – mucus in the lungs; the definition sums up the grossness of this word, that and the fact they put a ph in front of it.


2. Curd – curdled milk, typically cheese; the U vowel makes the word strange to say.


1. Masticate – to chew food; sounds grossly similar to another word, probably don’t want to use it in public.


Whether its by meaning or by pronunciation, words like these are often used rarely because of their awkward nature. The English language can be gross sometimes.