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School Introduces New Dispensers

Justin Reed, Contributor

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Students may have noticed a small change in the restrooms and classrooms. Administrators have decided to take out the automatic soap and towel dispensers and put in new manual dispensers.

At the beginning of October, custodians were tasked with switching out all of the automatic dispensers and integrating new manual appliances. Custodians replaced every soap and paper towel dispenser in the school, from bathrooms to classrooms.

“The old dispensers were breaking down and we needed to save money, that’s why we needed new ones,” said Head Janitor Jay Boyle.

The replacing of the old electronic appliances left the school with and excess of over 200 batteries to be disposed of.

The reaction to these new appliances around the school have been mixed, with some students feeling that the change was unnecessary and completely arbitrary, while others didn’t really care at all.

“The new dispensers make it easier to waste paper towels and the indirect contact with another person is weird,” said Sophomore Brandon Morris  

Whatever the opinion, these dispensers are here to help Glenwood High School save money, and as long as that’s happening, they’re here to stay.  

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