Student Council Members Attend Leadership Summit

Zander Carda, Aries Page Editor

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Members of the GCHS student council volunteered their time to go to a leadership summit in at the Iowa State Capitol building in Des Moines, Iowa. The leadership summit caters to student council groups as a whole.

The school was only able to take six members of student council. This conference was more about leadership as an individual and focused more on becoming a better leader and how they can take that back to their schools and use it in life.

Students who attended learned a lot about being a leader and how to use the things they learned at the conference in life.

Senior Brett Mower said, “I learned a multitude of things; like various methods of leading, the perks of leading, why we need leading, and I made great relationships while attending.”

Sophomore Emma Hughes said, “I learned how to communicate with people I usually don’t talk to, and how to work with people I don’t know very well. I also learned the six keys to being a good leader.”

This conference has made the students who attended better leaders.

“My leadership skills were definitely honed and sharpened. I also learned a few new methods on how to lead,” said Mower.