Opinion: Move Thanksgiving Up Two Weeks

Opinion: Move Thanksgiving Up Two Weeks

Gable Thompson, Entertainment Editor

Around this time of year, in the beginning of November, people usually can be divided into two different categories. Those who start celebrating Christmas right away and those who refuse to celebrate Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving.

I can see the reasoning behind both of these ideas. Christmas is one of the best seasons of the year, and I wouldn’t mind having more time to celebrate it. On the other hand, I do see how Thanksgiving does get skipped over, especially now that Black Friday sales start the day of Thanksgiving.

I believe the reason why Thanksgiving just gets skipped over is because it is very similar to Christmas in a lot of ways. Every year, on both Thanksgiving and Christmas, my family comes together to hold a great feast that includes turkey, ham, chicken nuggets, pizza rolls and peanut butter pie. Having these two family gatherings back to back makes them feel less special. I don’t want to have to skip Thanksgiving but I also would like some extra time in between family gatherings.

I know that I am not the only person who thinks this, given how stressful it is having to plan a family event, especially when they are back to back. The reason why we eat large amounts of food on these holidays is because overeating is how a lot of people deal with stress.

Now what I am about to propose might sound crazy and a bit unrealistic, but I think it could help separate the overlap between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I suggest that we hold the official holiday of Thanksgiving on the second Thursday of November instead of the fourth Thursday.

I believe that while this might be hard to adjust to at first, it will give Christmas some extra time while making it so that people don’t just skip Thanksgiving.