Greg and Zander’s Top Ten ‘Florida Man’ Headlines


Graphic by Tanner Williams

Gregory Topete and Zander Carda

What’s up, we’re back with another top ten, today we’re reviewing this dead meme.


  1. Florida Man Arrested in Local Park for “practicing karate” on Swans
  2. Florida Man Called 911 because He Needed Ride to Hooters
  3. Florida Man Kidnaps Scientist To Make His Dog Imortal
  4. Florida Man Pulls Kids Tooth by Tying It To Chevy Camaro, Speeding away
  5. Florida Man Arrested After Punching ATM for “Giving Him Too Much Money”
  6. Florida Man Charged with Attacking Minion on Boardwalk
  7. Florida Man Sent Back To Jail After Not Paying for Taxi Ride Home From Jail
  8. Florida Man Charged With DUI in Motorized Wheelchair
  9. Florida Man Arrested for Giving Girlfriend Wet Willy
  10. Florida Man Steals Forklift because He Was Tired of Walking.