Large Group Speech Rehearsing for Districts


Gable Thompson

Large group speech members audition to determine everyone's skill level.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Contributor

Large group speech is working hard this year to compete in their different categories. The group has 40 members ready to show their skills at districts.

Students in large group speech compete in many different categories, including short films and plays.

“There are different groups within the large group speech team that compete,” said senior Gable Thompson, a member of the speech team. “There is ensemble acting, one acts, short films, radio broadcasts, news broadcasting, and more.”

The team serves many educational purposes to the members, including teaching them valuable speaking skills.

I believe the number one purpose is to provide students with a creative learning experience that is both fun and rewarding,” said Instructor Brenda Evans, English instructor, and ninth grade large group speech coach. “It’s built upon the belief that speaking is the most important skill in life. We meet weekly to plan, practice, and improve our speaking skills.”

Districts will be held on January 20 at Treynor High School.