Printers Moved to Library


Gordon Tuomikoski

A GCHS Printer in the Library

Gordon Tuomikoski, Contributor

Beginning yesterday, students noticed that two of the printers from the printer rooms were missing without any notice or message from the administration. Rick Nickerson, associate principal of Glenwood High School gave an explanation.

“Two printers have been relocated to the library due to issues of students skipping class and/or vaping in the printer rooms,” said Nickerson. “It is difficult to have an expensive piece of equipment in a closed room, with no accountability.  There are times when it has been unplugged or the toner has been taken out and damaged.”

A potential solution is to put security cameras in the printer rooms, but “it would be extremely expensive and not practical,” said Nickerson.

The printers haven’t been working since the move yesterday, and students and staff alike have been quite frustrated.

“The tech department has been working tirelessly yesterday and today to get the printers up and running,” said Librarian and Instructor Karen Barrett. “I can assure you the printers will be working soon.”