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RamTV At Work

Felix Coper, Editor

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The video news source RamTV is running once again this year, giving students a fresh take on Glenwood High School’s news. Senior Kamron Alexander produces the show. Alexander oversees scripts and behind the scenes work along with the RamTV staff. 

RamTV aims to inform and entertain students and is a creative outlet for students who want to learn more about film and television production.

 “RamTV can also expand student’s career options,” said Alexander. ” Videography, film editing, and acting are involved in production but are not available through academic resources. I don’t think our high school has a well-supported arts community, so it’s important to have those clubs available for people who want them.”

RamTV’s budget for editing, editing software, and other tech comes from the annual Glenwood Foundation grant applications. It is school-endorsed, but most of the production process is conducted entirely by students.

Sophomore Jack Marley, an editor on RamTV staff, believes the show is a great way for students to get their news. Marley also thinks it’s important to have a more engaging way of giving announcements.

“Every day students are sent an announcement reminder from Mrs. Wheat, but not everybody checks their email each day or even clicks on that email,” said Marley. “That leads to students missing out on important extracurricular information. It also shows some school pride. We announce the latest extracurricular events, wins, and performances.”

The club hopes to release a special episode by the end of the year for students to enjoy.

RamTV is always in search of new recruits. To get involved, students can contact Jack Marley, Kamron Alexander, or instructor Chris Visser, who is the RamTV advisor.

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