Students Art Featured at the Omaha Co-op Art Gallery

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Students Art Featured at the Omaha Co-op Art Gallery

Lillian Becker

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Eleven Glenwood High School students’ artwork is on display at the Co-op Art Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska.

To earn a spot in the gallery, artwork went through a judging process. The students selected were seniors Samantha Humphrey, Jacob Arivabarrena and Daphne Goetzinger; juniors Sami Parr, Taylor Akers, Tanner Williams and Tia Kindt; sophomores Madeline Becker, Ethan Wyatt, Delores Phillips and Chloe Russell.

Having artwork in a professional gallery is an honor not many students receive.

This is one of the only chances students have to show their work in a professional gallery setting and have the opportunity to sell their work,” said Art Instructor Jeff Yoachim.

Each student express himself or herself in a different way.

“My favorite style is comic book style because it gives an illusion of life that looks quite realistic, while also looking cartoon-ish at the same time,” said junior Tanner Williams.

For some of these students, this is their first time being in a professional art gallery.

“In elementary and middle school I was in a few, but this is the first one I’ve been in since starting high school,” said sophomore Chloe Russell. “I’m really enthused to be a part of this one and I hope that I’ll be able to do it again.”

Junior Samantha Parr has loved art since she was a little girl.

“I have always had a soft spot for art,” said Parr. “It is nice to have a creative outlet to express myself, and it is oftentimes a great stress reliever.”

The artwork at the Coop Art Gallery will be displayed until the end of October.