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Rambler Questionnaire #3

Erin Stanley, Contributor

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Rambler Questionnaire #3


  1. News: Who was this year’s Red Out honoree?
    1. Bill Mantini
    2. Michael Magnuson
    3. Bill Magnuson
    4. Kevin Margonson
  2. Opinion: Is the newest opinion piece for or against the new grading scale?
    1. For
    2. Against
  3. Sports: What is the volleyball team’s current record?
    1. 14-9-0
    2. 10-6-7
    3. 15-8-0
    4. 15-6-2
  4. Feature: What percent of students said that students should never be allowed to call teachers by their surnames?
    1. 15%
    2. 65%
    3. 18%
    4. 48%
  5. Announcements: On what date is the Booster Club holding the Mattress Fundraiser?
    1. November 12
    2. October 27
    3. October 20
    4. November 11
  6. Entertainment: What are the specialty burgers listed in the Bucksnort review?
    1. Cheeseburger, Moose Burger, Patty Melt
    2. Moose Burger, Patty Melt, Grunt Snort Wheeze
    3. Grunt Snort Wheeze, Bacon Burger, Moose Burger
    4. Bacon Burger, Cheeseburger, Grunt Snort Wheeze


Remember to answer the questionnaire in the comments section by Friday, October 19. The names of those who answer all questions correctly will be put in a drawing for a prize. 

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Erin Stanley, Contributor

Erin Stanley. Senior. First year on staff. Excited to be here. That's all.

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