Red Out Gets Students Pumped about Hearts


Guidance Counselor Kathleen Loeffelbein gives Speech about Red Out

Gordon Tuomikoski, Contributor

With heart disease continuing to be the biggest cause-of-death in the United States, Guidance Counselor Kathleen Loeffelbein and Reach/SADD assisted in setting up Red Out activities to help raise money and support those who suffer from the deadly disease that takes hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

An assembly was hosted on in the auditorium on Tuesday to promote activism for Red Out, with students also wearing red on Thursday’s volleyball game and Friday’s football game.

To help raise money, shirts and socks were sold and the money was donated to the American Heart Association.

Loeffelbein feels strongly about the fundraiser. “There are so many more people that die from heart disease than something like cancer, and we do all these things for cancer which is great, but why don’t we do anything about heart disease?” stated Loeffelbein.

The whole event is important to the Red Out contributors. They dedicated their time to create a fun and educational event for students, including creating the Red Out video and selling items and balloons. The Reach/SADD high school organization is the biggest assistant in creating the Red Out event.

To help support and inspire people about Red Out, an Honoree is chosen every year, someone who has lived through a heart condition sometime or throughout their lifetime. The honoree this year was Bill Magnuson, a former Glenwood educator for over 35 years. One day in March, Magnuson felt like he had a “little bit of a cold,” before feeling dizzy and passing out.  He ended up having a bilateral pulmonary embolism, or a butterfly clot. He only had a 10% chance of living past the procedure, but he pushed through with the help of calm hospital staff. Through all of this, Bill kept his spirits high with a good heart.

“What’s pretty cool about Red Out is it brings everybody together. Teachers, administrators, secretaries, the cafeteria staff, counseling staff, we just try to bring everyone together. And we lead it all back to the Honoree to show that there is a real person here that is setting an example.” said Mrs. Loeffelbein “It’s neat when everybody can come together.”

The total money raised this year has not been announced yet at the time of this article.