Buck Snort: Exceptional Food for a Good Price

Buck Snort: Exceptional Food for a Good Price

Gordon Tuomikoski, Contributor

Situated on the south side of town square lies the popular local restaurant, Buck Snort. A delicious place to satisfy your unhealthy cravings for a decent price. It’s fine to break off your diet once in a while right?

The atmosphere of the restaurant is quite noisy during usual hours, but manageable. Being a sports bar, the noise is expected. With many different sports and news channels playing on the numerous TVs, there is always something to watch. I have found myself annoyed sometimes with loud crowds of middle schoolers or the weekly trivia night, but I don’t think too much of it unless it gets overly obnoxious. The walls are brick, and the ornamental game heads provide the diner with a backwoods atmosphere.

The service is run-of-the-mill, I have had experiences where I have waited over half an hour for my food, which can be quite annoying when you don’t want to dine for a long time. In my most recent experience, the service was fine though, and I received my food within 15-20 minutes. When someone first walks into bucksnort, rather than the traditional pay-afterward norm, they pay before they sit down. They are then given a number as well as cups for drinks. You then find a booth or table which are topped with a roll of paper towels. The waiters and waitresses are polite and respond to customer requests, which can be a nice refresher in the often noisy environment.

The food for both lunch and dinner is exceptional. Their specialty burgers like the Moose Burger, Grunt Snort Wheeze and Patty Melt are delicious. My personal favorite is the Buck Snort Club, one of their specialty sandwich options, which features delicious texas toast, savory ham, turkey, crispy bacon and so much more, all topped with their fantastic Buck Snort Sauce (which tastes a lot like mustard mixed with fry sauce). For sides, I prefer their crispy and buttery french fries or cheese curds and ranch as an appetizer. A lot of the food is reminiscent of homemade meals, and in some cases, it’s even better.

With all things considered, Buck Snort is a fantastic restaurant for lunch and dinner outings and take-outs. With delicious food, Buck Snort is a great choice for sandwich and burger cravings for a nice afternoon cuisine.

4/5 Stars