Art Club Drawing In New Members

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Art Club Drawing In New Members

Felix Cooper, Contributor

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Art Club is starting up again this fall to welcome all artists and other interested students. Art Club features a group of creative peers who strive to complete projects large and small.

At the end of the year, they compile one big art installment to present to the school as evidence of their work throughout the school year. Co-President Senior Rosalie Bassich has been in Art Club for three years.

“In Art Club, every individual is different. We’re very accepting,” said Bassich. “And no matter how bad your day was, Art Club always seems to make it better.”

Co-President Senior Samantha Humphrey shares similar beliefs.

“Art Club lets these kids express themselves,” Humphrey said. “That’s a huge part of art, putting your feelings into your work.”

The club has created various art pieces to encourage new members. Posters can be found in many locations around the school. To join Art Club, students can contact instructor Jeff Yoachim or one of three presidents: Junior Hannah Wells, Humphreys, or Bassich.

Schedule updates for meetings and other information can also be found in the morning announcements.