D&D Students Begin their Quest


Gordon Tuomikoski

Pairs of the D&D die

Gordon Tuomikoski, Contributor

The Dungeons and Dragons club kick off their campaign this year, returning to a world of monsters and magic every Tuesday after school.

Senior Stephen Vela explained why he enjoys D&D.

“The storytelling, the descriptiveness that can happen, the action; fighting is fun, even though it can be a little slow at times, it’s all very fun,” said Vela.

For those who do not know what Dungeons and Dragons is or how to play it, Art Instructor and D&D sponsor Jeff Yoachim summed it up by saying,

“You have to have dice to roll up your strength, wisdom, constitution, charisma and dexterity,” said Yoachim. “After rolling that, you have to figure out what class you want to be, what attributes and skills you’re going to have, and once you get all that done, the [Dungeon Master] comes up with the overall plan on what everyone’s going to do, and then they roleplay that out.”

The 14 members are very enthusiastic and excited to start their campaign this year. New members are always welcome.