New Exchange Students Arrive at GCHS

Eduardo Silicia is an exchange student from Mexico.

Photo by Isabella Milone

Eduardo Silicia is an exchange student from Mexico.

Isabella Milone, Contributor

Four foreign exchange students are attending GCHS this school year. Kisano from Japan, Minh from Germany, Claudia from Italy and Eduardo from Mexico.

Senior Kisano Okano is from Japan, and is very excited to be attending school in America.

“Glenwood High School is different from my school in Japan. To be honest, I prefer Glenwood High School to my school,” said Okano. “When I was in Japan, all I did was study in my classes. I just sit and listen to teachers talk. In Glenwood, high school students speak their opinions very clearly which is very stimulating for me.”

Okano is also looking forward to attending homecoming and prom at GCHS.

“We do not have a homecoming or prom in Japan, so I am so excited to go this year,” said Okano.

Senior Minh Ngo was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. He is looking forward to all the activities taking place at GCHS this year.

“I want to make new friends, engage myself as much as possible, feel the US team spirit, and take part in all the sporting events in America,” said Ngo.  “I want to enjoy new experiences spending one year in a country I’ve never been to before, and I want to learn the American way of life.”

Senior Claudia Del Santo is from Italy, and enjoys America a lot.

“America has exceeded my expectations. It’s like living in a cliche’! I am from a small town, but it is organized in a completely different way. School is also completely different here too,” said Del Santo.

When Del Santo returns to Italy, she will have to take another year of high school.

Eduardo Sicilia-Ayala is from Cancun, Mexico, and is ready to meet new people and see things from a new perspective.

“[America] meets every expectation I had about it. I love the environment and culture.  This system is way more interactive as you get to know a lot more people,” said Sicilia-Ayala.  “[I hope] to make new friends, gain knowledge and a different perspective on things. I am interested in studying college here later on.”