FCCLA Students Advance to Nationals


Junior Jamie Poole Advances to Nationals

Isabella Milone, Contributor

From the 29 students who competed in FCCLA STAR events, 11 are advancing to FCCLA Nationals.

To qualify for Nationals, students need to be hardworking and focused.

“You first will go to the district level, where you have to score a gold or a silver to advance to State. Once you are at the state level, you have to receive a gold, but what makes this even harder is that your group has to be in the top two of all the gold to advance to Nationals. To receive a Gold, you have to earn a score of 90-100. You are scored on all of the different parts of your presentation, like speech and visuals,” said freshman Bree Severn.

Junior Morgan LaViolette has been to Nationals twice and is looking forward to attending again this year.

“I am most looking forward to meeting new people and becoming closer with the ones I already know,” said LaViolette.  “As a part of the State Executive Council, I get to work with 7 other officers to improve and run Iowa FCCLA. I’m really excited to learn more about each officer and see how we all grow together.”

Most students who are attending Nationals are going for the first time.

“I am looking forward to being able to make new friends who love participating in FCCLA as much as I do, also new experiences and the great leadership qualities a national conference will acquire us with,” said Severn.

Students attending FCCLA Nationals include juniors Calla Denton and Jacob Severn in Senior Sports Nutrition, Morgan LaViolette in Senior Illustrated Talk, Jamie Poole in Senior Recycle and Redesign, Trinity Harris in Senior Life Event Planning, Shay Wasenius, Kenzi Zeski and sophomore Ranni Leahy in Senior Chapter in Review Portfolio, junior Cheyanne Groom and freshman Bree Severn in Junior Illustrated Talk and freshman Julia Rader in Junior Career Investigation.

This year’s National Leadership Conference takes place over one week in July in Atlanta, Georgia.