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Students Compete at State Speech Competition

Gregory Topete, Contributor

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On March 10, Glenwood sent 14 students to the individual state speech competition in Nevada, Iowa. Twelve of the 14 earned Division 1 ratings which are the highest scores. There are 14 different categories a student can perform in, ranging from acting to musical, even storytelling and improvisation.

Some categories are memorized, such as storytelling which is the category I’ve participated in all four years,” said Senior Ebony Belt.

Depending on what category they are in, students could be judged on timing, articulation, volume, pitch, and eye contact. In order to be considered for All-State, all three judges in the room have to give participants a Division 1 rating.  Individuals can score from 1-4 and have to stay within a given time limit.

The hardest thing I have to overcome before performing is psyching myself out,” said Belt. “I have to tell myself that I know my piece even if the judge doesn’t like what I brought to the competition.”

This year, no one made it to All-State but it’s always difficult to make it that far in the competition,” said Belt. Even if a student receives Division 1 ratings from all three judges, they are considered for All-State, but not all are invited.

The following students earned Division 1 ratings at State: freshman Felix Cooper; sophomores Delaney McMullen, Audrey Arnold, Sydney Major and Jerrianne Richardson; juniors Abby Lorimor, Cheyenne Fisher, Michelle Arnold and Ellie Brown and seniors Brianna Leonard, Ebony Belt and Josie Meads.

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