Short Film “LIvES” Earns All-State Honors


Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Fisher

Juniors Allee Rounds, Cheyenne Fisher, Jacob Severn and Megan McFarlin receive All-State Honors for their short film "LIvES."

Isabella Milone, Contributor

Seven speech teams advanced to the State Speech Competition on Saturday February 3. From that competition, one team advanced to the All-State Festival with its short film “LIvES,” on Saturday February 17 in Ames, Iowa. That team included juniors Allee Rounds, Jacob Severn, Cheyenne Fisher and Megan McFarlin.

According to Speech Coach Jennifer Horner, “LIvES” was judged on the following categories: storyline, acting and performance, technical and general.

“The title explains what the the film is about: the “lies” that we live behind with our friends, the face we put on to the world that does not often reveal the truth about our “real” lives and our inner pain and turmoil,” said Horner.

One challenging element of their short film is that there was no dialogue between characters.

“Our characters had to be performed in a relatable way due to the lack of dialogue,” said junior Cheyenne Fisher.

Without dialogue, the short film team had to include music that was meaningful and that fit the theme they portrayed.

“They [the judges] liked the music and thought it was very appropriate to the general feel of the film,” said Horner.

“LIvES” depicts four friends who are each dealing with different emotions and how they keep it hidden from the others.

“The emotion of the film is pretty much what we were going for. We really wanted to show what these characters were struggling with within their daily lives and show that these kind of things do happen in real life and it’s not something you should ignore,” said junior Megan McFarlin.