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Questioning the Relevance of New Year’s Resolutions

Zander Carda, Contributor

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With every new year, people set goals for themselves to improve their behavior, physique or health. However; many people who set goals often do not complete them.

According to Senior Writer Carolyn Gregoire of The Huffington Post: “eight percent of people who set goals for themselves actually follow through with them.”

New Year’s resolutions are pointless to me because I feel like people can’t immediately quit something that they do everyday without some sort of cheating method. When attempting to complete their New Year resolutions, people are forcing themselves to quit doing things in their lives that have become norms to them. They are also forcing themselves to do new things that they have never or rarely have done before.

I am not alone with this opinion.

“I feel that New Year’s resolutions rarely get carried out through the year (if it involves the whole year). Most of the time they are just false hopes which sparks the term ‘new year, new me’ when in reality the human emotions don’t change overnight. Although I still and many others have New Year’s resolutions,”  said sophomore Koltyn Eckheart.

I think that January 1 of every year is just another day, it just so happens to be the day we put up new calendars with a new year on them. Again, my views are shared by others. sophomore Brooklyn Hanshaw said, “I feel as though New Years is the same as every other day, as in: if you want to do or try something new, you can do so any day of the week and not wait for January first.”

If people follow through with their New Year resolution, they could be beneficial to themselves or others around them. Whether the resolution is to  work out more, work harder or is even just being a better person overall, it can be beneficial.

“I believe that New Year’s resolutions can be a good thing and if you stick with it, you can benefit from them,” said senior Autumn Aspedon.

It takes a lot of patience and self motivation to follow through with a New year’s resolution, most people in the world have only one of the qualities, which makes it even more challenging to reach goals.

“A family member of mine wanted to work out/run, but they never got around to it. They claimed to be too busy,” said Kaufman

In my opinion, New Year’s resolutions essentially are pointless because most people don’t have the willpower to stick to them and many people like to make their resolutions realistic and hard to achieve.   

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