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Students Awarded at Mills County Art Show

Gable Thompson

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The Mills County Art Show opened Wednesday, December 20, and ran until the end of the month. The Art Show featured artwork from Glenwood High School and Middle School students.

The art show was run by the Mills County Historical Society. Every piece displayed had to have some historical significance or a connection to Mills County’s history.

Five winners from the competition were chosen. Senior Jenny Myers won third place with her untitled landscape piece. “My work tied to the history of mills county because it focused on the landscape which is unique to Mills county, the Loess Hills,” said Myers. “These Hills started forming thousands and thousands of years ago and I thought it would be interesting to do a piece about the landscape.”

Grace Presley’s piece titled Land of Opportunity and Jacob Severn’s piece titled Bee tied for second place. Junior Maddie Gregg’s piece titled Fish and senior Arianna Springer’s piece titled Pioneer Woman tied for first place.

The art show was amazing. When I heard my name announced for third place I was shocked. It was a happy surprise, although it was a little bit embarrassing to be in the spotlight for a few moments.”

“I’m really glad that five people were able to win when there were only three places,” said art instructor Jeff Yoachim. “It’s great that all of these students were able to receive recognition for their works of art.”

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