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The Season of Giving Too Much

Brianna Leonard, Style and Developement Editor

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It’s Christmas morning. You wake up, walk into the living room and look at all the presents under the tree. You look and see a plethora of gifts with your name on them. For some, this brings great joy. For me, this only brings concern.

Putting religion aside, what has the season of Christmas become? Once, long ago, Christmas was about faith and family. Now, the age old tradition has spiraled into some unrecognizable facade. I know they call it the season of giving, but does that have to mean forking over hundreds of dollars on gifts for kids who expect nothing less, seeing as that is all they have known since their very first Christmas?

I am not saying people should not give gifts; even I look forward to a present or two, and I love the joy on someone’s face when they unwrap my well thought-out gifts. I just think a few small to medium or one larger gift should do the trick. Who needs all of this junk.

Despite the tone of this article, I love Christmas (maybe a little too much), and I look forward to it 365 days of the year. I could listen to carols all day, and nothing brings me more joy than getting to see those family members I dearly miss every year. Do not get me started on the food; cookies, casseroles and my family’s traditional Christmas Day soups are to die for. I like it all, but I think it is time to draw the line on our materialistic attitude.

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