JeansDay 2017

Isabella Milone, Contributor

Wonder why teachers are wearing jeans this week? Jeans Day (for teachers and staff) will take place on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21. There will be a recommended ten dollar donation, but it’s free will. The money will be taken directly to the Mills County Storehouse, which works with the food bank in Omaha to purchase items in order to make the money go a lot further for families in need.

This is a great opportunity to support local families by simply wearing jeans. Activities Director Jeff Bissen and Northeast Principal Jeanie Wickham took a trip to the Mills County Storehouse last week, and saw families in need of financial support. They spoke with Barb Kainman, the manager of the Storehouse, and soon after it became clear that there is a large need for financial support to help the cause of families living in poverty.

At GCHS, it is easy to make a difference.