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Opinion: Just Stop Already

Brianna Leonard, Style and Development Editor

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Online bullying; everyone is talking about it, but are we really saying the things that need to be said?

It’s a huge issue. Teachers and staff preach on the subject, and students even attend Owelus every other Friday because bullying is such a problem. Well, I have a few things to say to those committing this heinous crime.

To start, people who do this are cowards. If there is something to say, it needs to be said directly to the person, not behind his/her back or on the internet. Do not hide behind the handheld screen and keyboard. Social media does not protect those bullying; they are not invisible. No one is impressed; no one thinks bullying is cool. All it does is hurt others and that is just cruel.

What is there to gain from hurting people? Is it some kind of sick joy? Because frankly, I just do not understand. Sure, nobody is perfect, but those who are judging are just as flawed as the person being judged, maybe even more so.

Stupidity is defined by Merriam-Webster as behavior that shows a lack of good judgement or sense. Bullying is… well, I will let you connect the dots.

If an issue is present, there needs to be a mature conversation happening between individuals; posting, messaging and “vaguing” are not the solutions to our problems. These acts merely stir the pot.

I am not saying I have never said anything that was unkind, I think we are guilty of saying things that we shouldn’t have. Nobody is perfect. Everyone just needs to take a step back, look in the mirror, and judge themselves before they go and judge others.

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